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Rome is Italy’s capital and a 2,800 year-old city. So, wondering about the food you can have here? Absolutely fabulous, of course. A long tradition and a mind-numbing variety will more than satisfy you. Roman dishes owe a lot to the Jewish cuisine since Jews have been living here for nearly 2000 years. Italians from every corner of the country live here and they also like to eat their local specialties, that’s why there are so many regional eateries. But Rome is also a capital with about 200 embassies and a city hosting hundreds of thousands of immigrants from all over the world; therefore there is also a wide choice of international restaurants. And if you are in a hurry and prefer not to spend a lot of time dining in, there are many street food options, such as take-away pizza or other typical delicacies like supplì, to enjoy while strolling around. But beware, there are also many tourist traps! Avoid restaurants showing big signs in English, drawings or photos of their dishes, with staff distributing flyers or waiters pushing you to stop there. No quality restaurant would do it…

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