Romans are very passionate about sports. Especially soccer. The capital has got two teams in Serie A, the top Italian football league, which means that every week-end from late August to mid-May, Rome is a host city to Serie A games. Furthermore, AS Roma also plays in the Champions League versus other European teams. Football fans visiting the city who want to catch a game can buy tickets on the day from allocated places around the stadium but if possible try to buy them in advance. They are sold in the official Roma and Lazio shops, tickets range from €15 to €120. When you buy your tickets in either advance or on the day you will be expected to show ID and then on match day you will have to show the same ID or be refused entry to the game. When English teams have played Roma in the Champions League games in the past there have been issues, but as a tourist going to a one off league game you are highly unlikely to have any problems. It is a great experience going to a game in Italy, especially Roma vs. Lazio if you can get a ticket.        

But Rome has also got one of the best Italian basketball teams. As you may know Italy’s volleyball championship is considered the best for both men and women, and the male Roman team plays in the first division, A1, while the female team is in the second one, A2. One of the top ten tennis tournaments is hosted in Rome, the Internazionali, every year between end of April and mid-May. Finally, in Rome you can also see at least a couple of six Nations Rugby games between February and March and four American football teams play from March to June in several leagues. What else do you need to enjoy watching great sport in Rome? Formula 1, maybe? For that, you have to wait until 2013 at least!