Malls and Outlets

Have seen all your favorite museums  and just when you’ve  planned to do shopping, the weather forecasts rain?  Don’t despair, for your shopping needs, Rome has shopping centers accessible either by bus, the underground or the train.  For your convenience however,  we strongly suggest reaching the shopping centers and outlets by car because of the long distances from the main center of Rome. It is also useful to know that some outlets offer a shuttle service.  A small curiosity:  a newly opened outlet near the Fiumicino Airport has a delightful ice cream shop of a worldwide famous chocolate brand. Malls and Outlets may not offer the same shopping experience in the beautiful historical center of Rome or in charming Roman neighborhoods but  major malls and outlets host over 200 brands, plus dining services and close later than normal shops elsewhere! Regardless of the fact that the cinemas in the shopping centers seldom show original language movies,  who says you can’t enjoy a rainy day in Rome?