Public Transportation

Whether travelling by the underground, bus or train within the city, please have your tickets available because you can’t buy tickets when you are already inside the vehicle, not all ticket machines work properly, and just when you think no one is checking your tickets, inspectors will surprise you at any given stop and fines are high!  We recommend the 24 hour ticket or if you are staying for a week the weekly ticket will be convenient. Two big pieces of advice : first, no matter how excited you are to see the next historical landmark, always watch your belongings! Secondly, have a lot of patience because public transportation is not time efficient in Rome, your standard waiting time will be 15 minutes (except the metro, 3 to 5 minutes max).

Metro Rome has two underground lines – Metro A (color code: Red Orange) and Metro B (color code: Blue). Both lines reach Termini, Rome’s main public transportation facility. Most tourist buses depart and arrive at Termini.  Metro A stops in the area of most of the tourist sites but you still have to walk to get there. Be mindful of the expiration time of your ticket (especially the 75 minute ticket which only allows you to ride the metro, one way). 

Bus It will come handy if you have a list of the bus routes because unfortunately,  Romans aren’t really helpful when asking for information and most of them refuse to or don’t speak English at all. Passengers aren’t allowed to speak to the bus driver.  Always validate your ticket if using the bus for the first time. Be mindful of the expiration time of your ticket (especially the 75 minute ticket). 

Regional Train Yes, you can also travel by the regional train, depends on where you are staying in the city.  The train passes by Ostiense, Trastevere and St. Peter’s (San Pietro). You don’t need to buy a separate ticket for the regional train, it is included with the standard ticket.