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Rent a Bike

Bikes are cheaper than scooters and way easier to park – you can leave them nearly anywhere. It is also easier to find renting shops for bikes. So why ride a scooter if bikes are so much better? Because unfortunately, Rome was built on seven hills and therefore it is really hard to go around the city with all those steep up-hills. But if you are  well-trained, give it a try. Just remind yourself that Roman drivers are not used at all to encounter bikes on the road, then please be very cautious!

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  • Hi everybody, I’m from Roma and I love to cycle.
    Here in Rome it’s really dangerous to go by bike on the road and sometimes I feel like a pirate when I’m on a bike. I suggest my guests (I have a B&B in the Porta Furba area) to go around by parks. We have many parks in Rome and when you plan an itinerary the best thing to do is to consider them. For example, to reach the city centre from here it’s good to pass in Caffarella Park and then Appia Antica to Terme di Caracalla. Once in the centre you can cycle beside the Tiber on the bycicle path (not in summer! there is a big market there).
    One of the best thing to do in Rome is to cycle in the night (there is less traffic!) and use sidewalks as much as possible. Be careful and bring a light with you!
    Happy cycling


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