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Outdoor Sport & Relax During The Summer

Outdoor Sport & Relax During The Summer

mondofitness2010Two big outdoor sports centers will be open during the summer for fitness fanatics!

Until August 8 you can practice soccer, tennis, volleyball and table tennis at Big Gym, the 12,000 sq meter complex at 7, via delle tre Fontane (opening hours: 10am-12pm). With other original activities including rapid football, futbolokey, hydrobike, striding, virtual golf and half pipe on offer.

At the other end of Rome, until September 16, you can go to Mondo Fitness, Rome’s largest outdoor sport venue, at 55 Viale di Tor di Quinto, from 10 am to 12 pm. In this 30,000 square meter center, divided into 20 areas, rowing, kick-boxing, acquagym, martial arts and the new fitness trends, boot camp and functional training, are available. But if you are after some relaxing activities you can do pilates, holistic therapies, traditional and antigravity yoga.

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