Where Can You Find The Best 21st Century Art? At MAXXI, In Rome

Where Can You Find The Best 21st Century Art? At MAXXI, In Rome

MAXXICultural innovation, overlapping languages, artistic experimentation, MAXXI is this and much more in its ambitious attempt to become Italy’s best contemporary art museum. Characterised by centuries of primacy in the artistic and architectural sectors, Italy now seriously wants to promote its best current creative expressions, thus developing a sense of continuity, projecting it towards the future.
MAXXI intends not only to be a container for the exhibition of the works of art of our century, but also a place for the production of aesthetic materials of our time.
MAXXI aims to be an interactive hub in which the most diverse forms of expression, productivity and creation may converge, combine and reproduce.

Opened to the public on May 30, MAXXI’s permanent collection boasts 300 artworks but will host up to 4 exhibitions at the same time with works lent by other institutions. And even if you are not a contemporary art fan there are good reasons to see it: one is the building itself, an impressive L-shaped structure designed by world-famous architect Zaha Hadid and possibly her most important project after she was awarded the Pritzker Prize in 2004.

Address: 4 A, via Guido Reni.

Opening hours: 11-7pm Tuesday to Sunday. 11-10pm Saturday. Monday closed.