Futurspectives, Photography’s New Frontiers, On Show In Rome Festival

Can photography interpret the future, can it provide Futurspectives? This is the underlying question that the Photography Festival of Rome, on display until October 24, will try to address.
Bumpy ride, Maps and Legends, Unpublished-Unknown are the three main sections of the Festival, complemented by the work of Tod Papageorge on the city of Rome, Giuliano Matteucci’s pictures of Africa, and a preview of “Mutations 3”, the new production by the European Month of Photography.

The ninth edition of the Festival also analyses the profound changes afoot in the world, and in particular those taking place in the field of contemporary images.  The productive relationships that have developed between fixed and moving images of course, but more in general the technological and artistic change in the area of photography that give a sense of where contemporary art stands in Europe today.

The main location of the Photography Festival is Macro Future, 4 Piazza Orazio Giustiniani. Everyday from 4 pm to midnight. Monday closed. www.fotografiafestival.it/index.asp?lang=eng