The Best Chestnuts And Ceps Of The Year? This Weekend, In Bellegra And In Tuscia

Although Autumn has shorter days, it boasts of great tasting products! Around Rome, this is the perfect season for two of our favorite delicacies: ceps and chestnuts. This weekend, October 16 and 17, in Bellegra, you can have a whole porcini mushroom-based meal for just 12€ at their Ceps Fair. The meal includes Bruschetta, tacchie (a local kind of pasta) and a meat dish with locally grown porcini mushrooms. During the day you can also buy something at the handicraft market or visit the Arch Caves and the Museum of Saint Francis. From Rome, Bellegra can be reached by regional buses – Cotral – departing from the line B underground stop of Ponte Mammolo or the line A underground terminal of Anagnina. The complete program of the fair can be found here:

If you prefer chestnuts, this weekend you should definitely go to the Tuscia area, the origin of some of the best Italian chestnuts. Chestnuts Fairs will be held this weekend in Canepina, Soriano nel Cimino and Vallerano. While for the October 23-24 weekend you can go to Canepina, Vallerano, Carbognano, Latera and S. Martino al Cimino (Sunday 24 only). These villages can be reached by regional buses departing from the Saxa Rubra railway stop (Rome-Viterbo line), on Saturdays and working days only. Programs and links can be found at: