A Souvenir Painting From Rome? Head to “100 Painters on Via Margutta”


Via Margutta is a small street in the heart of Rome, on the slopes of Pincio, with an enchanting atmosphere and a special charm of its own. It has preserved its unique atmosphere and decor, and is one of the most elegant and beautiful streets of Rome. Once inhabited by sculptors, film directors and poets, and above all painters, it is now one of our favorite places with all those art galleries, antique dealers, furniture shops, fashion houses and design boutiques.

But when the “100 Painters on Via Margutta” Exhibition takes place,  it simply becomes a must for tourists and locals alike since it turns into a huge open-air art gallery where all contemporary styles, techniques and materials are represented. This bi-annual event, featuring Italian and international artists, is organized by a society of  painters known as “Cento pittori Via Margutta” that since 1954 exhibited their work in direct contact with the public in this picturesque corner of Rome. This, indeed, is the 85th display of this historical art gathering that has become a key appointment for painting lovers.

After the art show, you might want to pay attention to a couple of buildings. At n. 33 the house of Gregory Peck, where Audrey Hepburn takes refuge in the unforgettable movie Roman Holiday. While at n. 110 you will see where Italian director Federico Fellini and his wife Giulietta Masina lived. I told you Via Margutta is magical!

“100 Painters On Via Margutta” runs from October 29 to November 1, from 10 am to 9 pm (opening at 6 pm on the 29th). For further information (in Italian), visit www.centopittoriviamargutta.it