Cosplayers & Japanese Pop Culture Addicts, Japan Anime Live To Shock You Soon in Rome!

The original, authentic show of manga and anime will be in Rome on November 13. Japan Anime Live is the first and official live event made and performed by the Japanese creators of the famous Manga and Anime series. A unique show that brings on stage the “all-star” of Japanese animation such as Naruto Shippuden, Fullmetal alchemist Brotherhood, Bleach, One Piece and Gundam Series.

Japan anime Live is a mix of special episodes displayed on a gigantesque screen, live action, live recitation with the local voice actors, flamboyant effects and live music with Japanese artists.

Over two and half hours of breathtaking performance, divided into five chapters. Each one devoted to an animated series, orchestrated by a script that combines all the different elements of the show.

In fact Japan Anime Live contains what you will never watch on TV: all animations and stories have been re-created and re-edited exclusively for the show. And Live Music, a unique chance to sing along in karaoke mode (Japanese in roman alphabet, very easy to sing!) all the original theme songs of the TV series.

Japan Anime Live is a fast paced pop opera that gives a third dimension to a world of fantasy and its heroes. A time‐space gate that connects the fans with the dreamland of Anime. A “must-attend” event for all cosplayers and Japanese pop culture lovers in general.

On November 13, at 9 pm. Gran Teatro, in Viale di Tor di Quinto (the venue was changed for technical reasons, it is no longer Palalottomatica). For further info click here. Tickets on sale here