The crisis is driving you crazy? There is B&B Barter Week Until Nov 21

The crisis is driving you crazy? There is B&B Barter Week Until Nov 21

The global economic slowdown is indeed having a strong impact on the tourism industry. The demand, by world travellers and holiday-makers, for B&Bs and similarly small lodging organizations is in large increase, as a clear signal of a trend that is growingly leaning towards an informal, friendly and less expensive style of accommodation.

The Barter Week is the original initiative launched by the Italian group of to promote such organizations. It will run until November 21 and will involve 57 Roman B&Bs which have enthusiastically welcomed the idea.

Bartering is still very common, owing much of its renewed popularity to Internet. The popularity of bartering websites has soared as consumers are looking to new methods of shopping to counter the effects of the credit crunch.

Until November 21, you can barter goods and services for your stay. Such items as homemade marmalades or DVD collections can be suitable examples of barterable goods. Alternatively, the provision of gardening or plumbing services, or even of music lessons, can be just as much welcomed by a B&B owner.

Options and possibilities are indeed infinite. All one has to do is to confidently make his or her own bartering offer while making sure that this is serious, respectful and original. The Barter Week will give every traveller the opportunity to experience and enjoy Rome.