Jazz, Wine, Roman Ancient Art, Industrial Archeology: It’s Centrale Montemartini!


The Montemartini plant’s steam turbine and giant diesel engines are ready to provide a very unconventional backdrop for the local wine tastings and jazz live concerts that will be on stage from 8 pm every Friday and Saturday evening until January 8. Montemartini is one of Rome’s most unusual museum. It used to be a thermoelectric power plant and has now become an extraordinary example of industrial archaeology converted into a museum hosting masterpieces of ancient sculpture and precious goods which outline the development of the ancient city from the Republican era to the late imperial age.

The jazz concerts will feature Italian artists playing the jazz versions of Italian movies’ most famous soundtracks until November 27. From December 3 the Unplugged section will start, starring international and Italian independent jazz musicians.

Tickets can be bought at Montemartini’s ticket window Tuesday to Sunday, from 9am to 6:30pm. The complete program is available here