It’s Oil & Bruschetta Time All Around Rome! The Best Events Until Dec. 12

Last call for oil & bruschetta finger licking events! These are the very last days to try the new extra virgin olive oil in Lazio and Umbria. After November’s harvest, olives are now being pressed while they are still intact and at the height of their freshness.
The most interesting events are in the province of Viterbo, also known as Tuscia. In Blera, on December 8, 11 and 12 you can have a guided tour and oil tasting at Colli Etruschi Oil Mill while the village’s restaurants will propose traditional dishes with local oil. In Canino until Dec. 8 besides the preparation of a 20-meter long bruschetta soaked in 10 liters of olive oil there will also be cultural and artistic tours. In Tuscania, a beautiful middle-age town with two breathtaking churches, guided tours to the local oil mill are scheduled for Dec. 7 and 8. While in Viterbo, featuring a huge and impressive middle-age city center, you can try the best oils of the whole Tuscia area and other typical food products on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 at Gustando Olio.
Viterbo has good train links with Rome: you can either take the FR1 train from Ostiense or another train from Flaminio Square (Rome-Viterbo line). Canino and tuscania have no direct public transport links with Rome, while Blera can be reached by regional buses departing from the Saxa Rubra railway stop (Rome-Viterbo line), on Saturdays and working days only.

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But Umbria is also famous for its oil. “Open House at the Oil Mills” now in its 13th edition will take place until December 8 in Montecchio to rediscover a truly one of a kind product with visits to oil mills along with entertainment and cultural initiatives.
Montecchio can be reached by train until Orvieto and then by local bus departing from Orvieto train station (30 minute-ride).

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