Painting, Mosaic or Acting Courses? Yes, You Can. In Rome, In English!

Staying for a short period in Rome and want to learn something in the meanwhile? Rome offers a lot of courses, classes and seminars but nearly all of them are in Italian.

After thorough researches, however, we came up with this selection of English-held arts courses that will hopefully inspire you!

At Studio Ponte Milvio, under the direction of Federica Mereu, you have an option of two painting courses, Free-hand drawing and figurative painting, and a fashion one, stylism for beginners.

With the painting courses (all levels welcome) you will complete your own art work in 8 lessons. You can choose between: drawing of human body, chiaroscuro, hatch, India ink sketch, portrait, tempera/oil painting, watercolour, painting from life, mixing of colours, abstract painting, etc.

The objective of the Fashion Stylism for beginners course is to learn to create a fashion collection with a theme. Program: drawing of human body and its stylization, creation of a fashion plate, drawing of basic clothes, special effects, historical dresses (from Egyptians to 19th century), accessories, mixing of colours, theatrical sketch. Everyone is followed individually by the teacher therefore no more than 3 people can attend the same lesson. One free trial lesson offered.

If you prefer something more physical and concrete, then mosaic is your way. Enzo Aiello holds 3 different courses that can be completed in one week (5 days) for a total of 40 hours.

The first one is the Roman Mosaic, also known as direct method on temporary putty. The student  learns how to sketch the drawing on the clay or the lime and then how to insert the polycrome marble stones in the clay. Another option is the Byzantine Mosaic, i.e. indirect method. The byzantine technique entails the spreading of the lime cement and then the setting of the glass stones directly in it. Third choice: upside down on paper mosaic, the so called indirect method. You’ll learn how to glue the stones face down with a water- soluble glue on sections of paper prepared in advance by cutting up an actual size drawing of the mosaic’s composition.

Finally, if you’re more interested in develpoing your communication skills, Expression Lab has got something for you. An italian-english bilingual director-choreographer (theatre and cinema) holds an acting course for professional actors or acting students. The course will be jointly held with a mother tongue dialogue coach and english teacher, who will specifically take care of pronunciation and attention to the “stress” in the sentence. 12-week long course, 2 hours a week. At the end of the course, each participant will record a monologue that can be added to their show reel.