Rediscover Mexico in Rome Thru Photos, Art, Archeology, Food, Traditions, Movies and Music!

Rediscover Mexico in Rome Thru Photos, Art, Archeology, Food, Traditions, Movies and Music!

It’s the Mexican Revolution centennial and let’s celebrate it with a full immersion of Mexican life in Rome.

We will start from Emiliano Zapata and Pancho Villa. The event that most glorifies the first great social uprising in the modern era and a turning point of Mexican history is, indeed, the photo exhibit at Palazzo delle Esposizioni “Mexico. Pictures of a Revolution”, running until January 9. The exposition displays a selection of photos never shown before about the legendary armed movements that ricked the country between 1910 and 1920. 219 black and white pictures of extraordinary visual impact.

In Palazzo delle Esposizioni there are two other interesting exhibitions shedding light on Mexican culture, which will both run until February 27 “Teotihuacan. City of the Gods” is the first European exposition about the pre-columbian civilization of the Teotihuacan (2nd-7th centuries AD), the prestigious, mysterious and fascinating empire that dominated Central America before the rise of Aztecs. Over 300 masterpieces, ranging from fantastic monumental works of sculpture to murals depicting religious myths to inlaid vases and braziers will be on display. “Carlos Amorales. Remix” is a contemporary art show featuring six large installations with butterflies, birds and stars by the renowned Mexican artist. At Amorales’ first solo exhibition in Italy you’ll see works created between 2006 and 2010, echoing the shapes of his Liquid Archive collection. Palazzo delle Esposizioni is in the central Via Nazionale.

After this you will probably be very hungry. Our favorite Mexican restaurants in Rome are Bistro by Linda a little space with 7 kind of Tequila on offer, in the Nomentana area, La Cucaracha with live Mariachi music on Tuesday, near the Vatican, and Mexico all’Aventino, in downtown Rome, a newly opened place, ideal also for aperitifs.

And if you want to bring something Mexican home, you don’t need to go any further than to La Casa di Frida, arts and tradition from Mexico, in the Jewish Ghetto.

For cinema buffs, a film festival devoted to Mexican cinema’s golden age, “CineMexico” will be on show in Palazzo delle Esposizioni from January 20 to February 13.

And finally, if you want to attend a Mexican music concert, contact the Rome-based Mexican bands Los Rancheros or Romatitlan.

Have fun!