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Discover More Than Just Theater at Teatro lo Spazio In S. Giovanni

Discover More Than Just Theater at Teatro lo Spazio In S. Giovanni

Situated on a quiet, dead end street, Teatro Lo Spazio summons passersby with its booming music and Vegas-like lights to the end of the dark alleyway. Not far from San Giovanni underground station, this warm and inviting venue complete with a full bar, friendly staff and plenty of open space perfect for a concert, dancing, or both. When I visited, Funkalisto, a jazz quintet complete with a saxophonist, two bassists, and two drummers, livened the crowed with its rhythmic and soulful sound as fans grooved to the music, mingled and enjoyed drinks at the bar.

Teatro Lo Spazio is best known for showing independent plays. Be sure to stop in by December 26 to see Scendono le Parole, Suonano le Campane – Go Down the Words, the Bells Ringing, a musical about three women living during World War II and pondering why the town Mayor was murdered. If you miss this one, there’s Il Sogno di Gabriella (Gabriela’s Dream), a story about feminism in the 1960s and La Madre dei Ragazzi (The Mother of Children), the story of mobster-wife Felicia Impastato.

The wide variety of plays, musicals, dance performances, concerts and more that are shown here has a lot to do with the venue’s versatility. With its many, various-sized rooms, portable stages and seats, it’s able to be converted into anything you need it to be. Luckily the well-stocked bar is stationary so patrons will always be able to locate it no matter how many times its surroundings may change. With an intriguing line-up set to carry on well into the new year, Teatro Lo Spazio sure is worth


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