Lima Polleria : A taste of Peru in the heart of Rome

Lima Polleria : A taste of Peru in the heart of Rome

Anyone with properly functioning taste buds will agree that Italian food is amazing. Especially in Rome where you can find some of the most delicious pizza, flavorful pasta dishes and succulent meat. But, like with anything else in life, moderation is key. When you’re ready to take a break from the ol’ Spaghetti Carbonara, make your way to Lima Polleria, a self-proclaimed “chicken restaurant” that’s so much more.

Lima Polleria, located near Piazza del Poppolo, has a very modest exterior but once you step inside the potent aroma of Peruvian spices, the entrancing music and tranquil ambiance seduces the senses. A wide selection of these native dishes awaits you including my favorites, Seco a la Nortena (stewed chicken, South American potatoes and yuca with rice rice) and Escabeche de Pescado/Pollo (fried fish/chicken, onion, yellow Peruvian peppers, olives and white rice). The steaming hot platters pop with delicious flavors that truly compliment each other. The fried plantains, yuca and red beans make for perfect side dishes and for the non-meat eaters, there’s a slew of fish and vegetable options.

Word of caution, the portions are rather large so go with a big appetite. It may be best to experience this restaurant with a few friends so that you won’t feel pressured to finish everything on your own. Whatever you do I recommend you save room for dessert. Choose from an assortment of fresh fruit jello, vanilla and chocolate cake and for a really delicious treat, the rice pudding. Words don’t do the rice pudding any justice but I will try. It’s sweetened with cinnamon, cloves and other spices, its consistency perfectly creamy with small chunks of soft raisins in each bite and it is served nice and hot, soothing as a large cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter day.

After you have satiated your appetite and you are close to the point of exploding from all the food you just consumed, you are in for yet another surprise, your bill. For a complete meal that will last you the entire day, expect to pay around 20 euro. Not a bad price for warming and satisfying your soul.

Lima Polleria
Via Flaminia, 34
(100 mt. Metro Flaminia)
Tel. 06-3212852