Need Free WiFi? Check Out Our Favorite Places in Rome!

Need Free WiFi? Check Out Our Favorite Places in Rome!

Here is a map of places in Rome where you can have a drink, a meal, browse books, admire art works and/or simply buy something while using free wifi.

They are divided by area.

We will try to expand this list so as to cover most of Rome. It will be continuously updated.


Lowenhaus Italian-Bavarian Restaurant. Always Open. 16b, Via della Fontanella

Gina Restaurant, Coffee Bar. Open from 11am to 8pm. 7a, Via San Sebastianello

Scholars Lounge Irish Pub/Sports Bar.  101b, Via del Plebiscito

McDonald’s Fast Food. 46-47 Piazza di Spagna



Barnum Cafè Food, Wine, Art & Music. 87, Via del Pellegrino

N’importe Quoi Coffee Bar. Books & Newspapers. Always Open, until 2 am. 10, via Beatrice Cenci.

Perfect Bun American Restaurant and Drinks. 4, Largo del Teatro Valle

L’Emporio Alla Pace Coffee, Drinks, Books. Always Open, until 2 am. 28, Via della Pace

Chiostro del Bramante Coffe bar, Restaurant (Sat & Sun brunch), Bookshop. Via della Pace

Bulldog Inn British style pub with plenty of draft beers. 107, corso Vittorio Emanuele

Etabli Cosy Restaurant with fireplace. 9/9a via delle vacche

Circus Coffee Bar. International Newspapers. Lots of Screens. 15, Via della Vetrina 

Mad Jacks Irish Pub. 20, Via Arenula 



Bookabar Books and coffee bar. Inside Palazzo delle Esposizioni. 15-17, Via Milano

McDonald’s Fast Food. 57, Via Firenze

Er Baretto Coffee Bar, with one of Rome’s best cappuccino. 132, Via del Boschetto


TRASTEVERE (for a review of this borough’s best restaurants read here)

Good Coffee Bar, Restaurant. Brunch. Aperitifs. Always open, until 2 am. 8/9, Via Santa Dorotea  

Libreria Griot African books, music and handcrafts. Coffee Bar. 1a, via di Santa Cecilia

Bibli Books, brunch, snacks, conferences and concerts in one of Rome’s most active bookshops. 28, Via dei Fienaroli

B Gallery Photography gallery and coffee bar. 16, piazza Santa Cecilia

Bodum Danish Design store with a small restaurant/cafe. 141b, Via di San Francesco a Ripa 



RGB46 Relax, Gallery, Books. 46, Piazza Santa Maria Liberatrice


PRATI (here’s a round-up of activites and places to see in this area)

Settembrini Bar & Restaurant. Aperitifs and Music. 25, Via Luigi Settembrini

S.T. Photo gallery, bookshop and cafe. Sunday brunch. 25, Via degli Ombrellari



Mr Coffee Coffee Bar. 30, via Fracassini

MAXXI B.A.S.E. MAXXI’s open shelf library. Open from 11am to 6pm, Tuesday to Friday. 4a, Via Guido Reni (find out about MAXXI here)



Kyo 3 Sushi Bar & Restaurant. 250/252, Via Donna Olimpia

Vivi Bistrot Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, Dinner Surrounded by Villa Pamphilj Park. 102, Via Vitellia



Necci Coffee Bar, Restaurant, Sunday Afternoon Market. 68, via Fanfulla da Lodi

Circolo degli Artisti Live Music Bar. 42, via Casilina Vecchia (for other top clubs in Rome click here)



Panamino Bar Coffee Bar. Via Panama 



Bar Britannia Coffee Bar. 7-27, Via Britannia



Fanucci Newly opened bookshop. 162, Via di Vigna Stelluti

Voy Restaurant. Jazz concerts on Thursdays. Cheap brunch on Sunday. 496c, Via Flaminia Vecchia



I Granai Mall. 100, Via Mario Rigamonti



Bar del Fosso Bar cafe. Closed on Friday. 8:30am-8:30pm. Via Cassia 1952

And please add your favorite free wifi places in Rome in the comments!

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PS This list doesn’t include the places with free wifi provided by Provincia di Roma since this service requires a working Italian mobile phone number, the actual making of a phone call and the filling of an online form.