Wanna Play Golf  in Rome? Useful Tips and Nice Courses Near the Eternal City

Wanna Play Golf in Rome? Useful Tips and Nice Courses Near the Eternal City

Usually most of us associate golf to the United Kingdom, United States and other exotic places where to enjoy this beautiful game. Probably, only few golf lovers are aware of what Rome and the Lazio region can offer when we combine sun, golf and Roman surroundings.

Around Rome there are a number of beautiful Golf clubs, with a variety of designs and panoramas.  In this region you find the Le Querce Golf Club, which is the Technical Centre of Italian Golf Federation (FIG). Nominated amongst Italy’s top ten golf courses for a number of years, it is the academy and qualifying course to become an Italian professional golfer.

Castelgandolfo Country Club is another unique place, designed by a top architect like Robert Trent Jones and located in what once was a volcanic crater. Its charming clubhouse originally was an exclusive residence built for Cardinal Flavio Chigi.

Even fashion icon Laura Biagiotti has her own Golf Cub in Rome – the Marco Simone Golf Club – one of the most luxurious golf complexes in Italy. It was built on the grounds of the ancient Marco Simone Estate: when you play the course you can still see its 15th century castle and, as the estate dates back to the Roman times, you still find evidence of Roman ruins.

Try the Italian Dolce Vita on our golf courses, there are many more really worth trying. In addition to the beauty of the course, you have sun, ancient ruins, Mediterranean flora and unique surroundings. Treat yourself right; match your golf vacations with the best of arts, food, sun, beach, sightseeing and cultural experiences.

By MisterGrip