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Where On Earth Can You Taste 1000 Italian Wines? At Sensofwine! In Rome Until Jan 30

Where On Earth Can You Taste 1000 Italian Wines? At Sensofwine! In Rome Until Jan 30

This weekend Rome becomes the capital of Italian wine thanks to Sensofwine, created by one of Italy’s leading wine experts Luca Maroni, the author of the book seller “Italian Wine Yearbook – Annuario dei Vini Italiani”. For the sixth edition of this key event for all Italian wine lovers you can taste 1000 Italian wines from 250 producers, some famous and historical names and other emerging labels. Visitors can also get to know the producers and establish a direct contact with them to know more about wine production.

Italy’s most important private wine fair kicks off today at 3 pm and runs until sunday the 30th at 10 pm in Palazzo dei Congressi, in the EUR area of Rome.

This year’s edition will feature many innovations: an area where you can try wines that are not on the market nor on wine guides yet, wine tastings by Luca Maroni, Sensofart where wine meets art, a wine bar, a local Italian food products section, a photography exhibition and an architectural installation.

If you want to know more about wine but can’t drink more than what you had at Sensofwine, then there is a very original exhibit waiting for you at Rome’s Napoleon Museum: “The wines of the Empress. Josephine’s winery at Malmaison”. The idea of this exhibition comes from the inventory drawn up after the death of the Empress Josephine and which lists the contents of the Malmaison wine cellar that holds over 13,000 bottles. The exhibition aims to show the evolution of wine production and its marketing during the imperial period: one hundred and fifty works of art and iconographic documents are brought together from the collections of the Museum of Malmaison, but also from the collections of the Château de Fontainebleau museum, from Compiègne, from Eu (Louis-Philippe museum) and from the Carnavalet Museum. The exhibition celebrates the artistic and historical approach of the wine cellar of Josephine, a valuable evidence of the refined lifestyle that established the charm and fame of Malmaison. Until February 27, the museum is very close to Piazza Navona.


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