Ice-Skating, Snow-Boarding or Skiing? A Review of Rome’s Winter Sport Options

Ice-Skating, Snow-Boarding or Skiing? A Review of Rome’s Winter Sport Options

Ice-skating is becoming more and more popular in Rome and rinks are now everywhere in the city. Until a few years ago Romans who wanted to practice this sport had to head for Mentana (since 1984, the oldest in Central-Southern Italy) or Marino, two cities not far from Rome but far enough to deter people without a car. But now that we have plenty of ice-skating rinks in Rome there is no excuse: with or without car there must be an ice-skating facility near your house!

The Flamino area is particularly lucky from this point of view. They’ve got in Piazza Mancini Rome’s only permanent rink, Axel (see story), in Tor di Quinto until February 28 there is Ice Park and in Auditorium Parco della Musica – Viale Pietro de Coubertin – there is another open-air rink, “Sottozero,” until January 30.

The other ice-skating rink in Northern Rome is very close to an underground stop. We’re talking about Cornelia, Line A. It is in piazza San Giovanni Battista de la Salle until February 28. Always open, from 10 am to midnight. Same opening hours for the other rinks of the Icepark group: near the Subaugusta underground stop, Line A, until February 28 in piaza San Giovanni Bosco; in Piazza Re di Roma (also a Line A underground stop) until January 31; and in Villa Gordiani until February 27. Another ice-skating facility in Southern Rome is in the mall “I Granai,” ideal if you want to combine shopping with a winter sport. The Granai On Ice rink, in Via Rigamonti, just outside the shopping centre, is open from 10am to midnight every day until March 8.

Skiing and snow boarding in Rome are not possible yet unless there is another snowfall like the one we had last December or last year in February! Our favorite skiing destination in Rome’s surroundings is Campo Felice. It takes an hour and 15 minutes by car, but you can also take advantage of their shuttle service departing from Piazza San Giovanni at 7:15am (free until February 4 on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays). Ski and snowboard rental shops onsite.

Other popular skiing places for Romans are Mount Terminillo (1h40mns by Cotral bus departing from Tiburtina station – underground Line B or FR3 city train stop) and Mount Livata.

But you want to spend a whole week end or more on the snow the best slopes around Rome can be found in other Abruzzo skiing resorts such as Campo Imperatore (cross-country skiing also possible), Ovindoli (at least 2h 20 mns by regional bus departing from Tiburtina station) and Roccaraso (at least 3h and 30 mns by train).