World’s Top Magic Entertainers in Rome for Infinite, Supermagic Festival’s 8th Edition

Supermagic, the Magic festival is on show in Rome and only in Rome from today until February 6. This unique high-level magic event in Italy and Europe will offer the public the opportunity to experience top-notch live magic shows from the world’s best entertainers. And the fact that it will take place in Teatro Olimpico, one of Rome’s most prestigious theatres, leaves no doubts on the quality of this show where poetry and wonder perfectly join on stage.

This edition’s theme is Infinite, a trip into a new dimension where everything is relative where there are no rational limits and all is magic. Infinite is a timeless and spaceless instant with eternal magic emotions. Suspense, surprise, entertainment, magic mix in a breathless show beyond any expectations. The performances of some of the world’s top magic entartainers, mesmerizing musics, the most advanced audio and video technologies, and powerful light effects will please kids but also adults in this 2-hour long unforgettable show. Cast: Yo Kato (Japan), Vik & Fabrini (Brasil), Raymond Crowe (Australia), Jae Hoon Lim (Corea), Aaron Crow (Belgium), Marcel Kalisvaart (Netherlands) Dani Alry (France), Remo Pannain, Fabrizio Marotta and Nicola Caccavelli (Italy).

At Teatro Olimpico. Tickets can be bought at the Theatre’s tickets window, here or online at Vivaticket, HelloTicket, Greenticket.