Rd+ Rome’s International Design Week Kicks Off On Jan 31 With “Special Effects”

Make people talk about design, stimulate and encourage the public at large to become interested in design culture. This is the main goal of the Rome Design Week, also known as Rd+, organised by Rome University la Sapienza in different locations all over the city. Exhibitions, meetings and seminars open to the public will host Italian and international designers, scholars and experts. This year’s edition, the eigth, will focus on special effects: their impact on modelling, cinema, television, theatre and reverse engineering will be explored thorough multimedia, interaction, the most advanced applications and techonology experiments.

An exhibition will show the innovations of the Univeristy’s designers and a urban screen will show in real time the digital life of the city and will transform it into a hologram. Theatre, Cinema and digital effects performances by qualified artists will offer the opportunity to see implemented many special effects techiniques on stage.

The event’s headquarters is at 5, Largo Ascianghi – Trastevere area. From January 31 to February 5. Free Entrance. Programme (in Italian).