Art, Music, Archeology and Jewels From the Balkans. Enjoy Them in Rome!

Art, Music, Archeology and Jewels From the Balkans. Enjoy Them in Rome!

We often wrongly associate the Balkans with war, criminality, prostitution, smuggling etc….  Unfortunately this is what this area of Eastern Europe is under the media coverage for most of the times. But there is another, noble and artistic side of this part of the world that is on show in Rome these days.

Italy’s President is hosting in the beautiful palace of Quirinale an exhibition of the so called ‘Magnificent Krater‘, a jewel of the National Museum of Belgrade – Serbia, a large bronze vessel dating from the late sixth century BC. The vase has been returned to its former glory by Rome’s Preservation Authorities and is shown next to two other kraters from different areas of Greek influence. The exhibition (free entrance) also includes other major findings from the tomb where the Magnificent Krater was found such as a beautiful bronze helmet, gold decorations, and other pieces of the equipment belonging to the unknow prince buried there. Documenting the relations between Greece and the peoples of Serbia, the spectacular findings of another tomb in Trebeniste are also on show: a gold funerary mask, necklaces and precious amphoriskos in coloured glass. Friday and Saturday from 10am to 1pm and from 3:30pm to 6:30pm. Sunday from 8:30am to 12pm. If you go there on Sunday take advantage of the fact that the Quirinale Palace is open to the public from 8:30 to 12 too. It is one of Rome’s most beautiful landmarks!

Serbia will also delight Rome crowds on Friday the 4th with a free concert of Serbian/Hungarian music in the Hungarian Academy of Via Giulia, one of our favorite street in Rome. At 9pm the Cadabra band will perform a modern European music show, mixing jazz with traditional music from the multiethnic region of Voivodina. In Via Giulia, 1.

And music is also the main theme of the inter-art event organized by the Romanian Academy of Rome. ‘Jazz Art – painting, sculpture and jazz music‘ will run until February 6 from 3:30pm to 7:30pm – free entrance. Jazz inspired paintings and sculptures by contemporary Romanian, Italian and International artists accompanied by Jazz concerts. On February 5 at 5 pm free jazz concert by the Gigi Leonardi & Alessandro Silvestrelli Soul-Quartet and vocals. The huge temple-shaped Romanian academy is now also hosting another exhibition dedicated to the 20th century painter Horia Bernea who lived for a long time in Rome and was particularly in love with the eternal city. His Rome paintings, photos and texts will be on show until February 10 – free entrance. Piazza Jose de San Martin, 1.

But the most important event of this group is the ‘Ori antichi della Romania‘ exposition in the Trajan’s Market. This exhibition shows jewels and artifacts of Romania’s National Treasure, displayed abroad for the first time in 30 years. These 140 gold and silver objects, all discovered in the territory of present-day Romania, have an extremely high artistic value and span from prehistoric times to early Middle-Age. The priceless artifacts are on loan from the National History Museum of Bucarest and seven other Romanian museums. The exhibit will also feature six sculptures of Dacians (an ancient population from the Romanian territory) that were in Trajan’s Forum. Until April 3. Address: Via IV Novembre, 94.