Rome and the world in pictures. Our Pick of Photography Exhibitions in Rome

Rome and the world in pictures. Our Pick of Photography Exhibitions in Rome

If you want to have a quick grasp of Rome’s recent history, the past century, for instance there is no better experience than visiting the photo exposition “Un Secolo di Clic in Cronaca di Roma” at Museo di Roma in Trastevere, by Rome’s photographers Union. Their pictures illustrate big events and small daily life facts of Romans from 1910 to 2010: crime, scandals, VIPs of the past and contemporary stars. The exhibition also features videos, documentaries and other audio-visual material to help you immerge in a century of life in Rome. Until February 6.

A higher perspective of Rome can be seen in the very unusual location of Baan Thai, a Thai massages house very close to the Vatican, where until February 20 the first aerial pictures of Rome will be on show (free entrance).They were taken in 1931 by the military aviation and will also offer a glimpse of the culture and the atmosphere of those years.

Very original and artistic snapshots of a hidden corner of Rome will be on display at the Gagosian Gallery starting from today. “Sanctuary” by Gregory Crewdson will show the inherent quietness and uncanny aspects of the empty Cinecittà film sets and the blurred lines between reality and fiction, nature and artifice, beauty and decay. The 41 black-and-white photos on the legendary Cinecittà studios, the first work produced by Crewdson out of the US, will be on show until March 5 (free entrance).

But photo exhibitions in Rome don’t of course mean only Rome pictures. Here is a selection of photo displays held in Rome that illustrate what goes on in the rest of the world.

The polaroid photos of pop artists such as Warhol and Schifano and famous Japanese photographers like Araki and Morimura will be on show at the art, books and sushi place Doozo – Via Palermo 51. The exhibition aims to celebrate the revolution represented by Polaroids in the photography scene and the unique esthetics that it created with the immediate snapshots that only digital cameras could later replace. Until February 26, free entrance, Tuesday-Saturday from 11am to 10pm.

A much more serious exhibit, in terms of the issues addressed in the pictures, is at 10b Photography, our favorite photo gallery in Rome (it’s also got a nice photo-books shop). “Ausencias” deals with the desaparecidos facts, the disappearance of thousand of opponents of the Argentinean military regime in the 70s and 80s of the last century. The images will really impress you for their directness: you’ll see a picture of those years with a group of young people and an identical picture taken after 20-30 years in the same places with the same (older) people but without one of the persons protrayed. Very touching and immediate also for the total absence of rhetoric. Until February 18.

Other protraits from a remote part of the world are on display in Officine Farneto, one of the new coolest places in Rome, from February 5. “Faces of the future” will show the life, the dreams and the expressions of the 1500 children of Tibetan refugees hosted in the Tibetan children’s village of Choglamsar. Via Monti della Farnesina 77.

Finally, National Geographic will hold its usual free exhibit in Palazzo delle Esposizioni starting from February 12. This year’s display is dedicated to the colours of the world (red, white, green and blue) to tell the story of the world in pictures. The best images of the American magazine photographers are explained by perfectly bilingual captions.