It’s Punk Time in Rome! Exhibit, Concerts, Movies and Show to Go Back to the 1970s

It’s Punk Time in Rome! Exhibit, Concerts, Movies and Show to Go Back to the 1970s

We are back in the mid-1970s here in Rome. The city teems with punk events you can’t miss if you enjoy this form of expression that encompasses music, fashion, visual art, dance, literature and films.

The starting point of this trip into punk culture is Villa Medici with its “Europunk” exhibition. This Renaissance building hosted many important (mainly French) artists during the centuries, is richly decorated (especially the gardens) and offers a beautiful view of Rome. Therefore, the contrast with the punk culture is particlarly striking and stimulating.

According to the organizers, this is the first international exposition of the European punk visual art production. Films, record covers, collages, drawings, flyers, posters, fanzines and clothes from private and public collections, for a total of 550 items, will be on show until March 20. Jamie Reid, Sex Pistols, Malcolm McLaren and Bazooka, just to mention a few of the leading names of this subculture that triggered new energy and creativity all over the Western World. Tuesday to Sunday, 10:45am-1pm and 2pm-7pm.

Every Thursday Villa Medici will also host a DJ set, a concert and a movie showing (original version, no subtitles) for the exhibit visitors, starting at 7pm.

Interesting punk initiatives in Rome are not limited to Villa Medici. The show “God Save the Punk” will be on stage until this Sunday at Teatro Ambra alla Garbatella, in piazza Giovanni da Triora 15 at 9pm during the week, at 5pm on Sunday. An experience without censorship through the punk music with videos and an original punk-inspired soundtrack.

Later into the night you might want to taste the disco-punk-revival of Sasha Crnobrnja and Alex Goor, aka In Flagranti, for Glamda night. This saturday at 10:30pm in Lanificio 159, Via di Pietralata 159.

Go Wild!