Warhol, De Guimaraes, French Dolls and Much More: The Top Exhibits Around Rome!

Warhol, De Guimaraes, French Dolls and Much More: The Top Exhibits Around Rome!

The region around Rome, Lazio, offers a big choice of beautiful displays. Here is a review of some of our favorite exhibitions. And then you’ll maybe discover a lovely village or a fascinating museum thanks to an exhibit. Pick one!

Let’s start from Viterbo, probably the most charming city centre of Lazio after Rome. In stark contrast to its middle-age and early Renaissance buildings, churches and squares, Viterbo hosts an exhibition of the worldwide famous pop artist Andy Warhol until Februray 27, a key event for this city that never featured such a big showing, the biggest Warhol’s exposition so far in Italy. In the magnificent setting of Palazzo degli AlessandriAndy Warhol…in the city” displays 70 works of the American genius, from the portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Mao and Liz Taylor to the Campbell’s Soup Cans, the historical Coca-Cola bottles and A Gold Book. The authenticity of the works is guaranteed by Pittsburgh’s Andy Warhol Foundation. Monday to Friday 10:30am-1pm, 2:30pm-7:30pm. Saturday and Sunday 10:30am- 7:30pm.

The transcultural artist who followed Portuguese sea-routes blending different civilizations and worlds Jose de Guimaraes is on show in Capena at Wuerth’s Art Forum until May 14. “Jose de Guimaraes – Mondi, Corpo e Anima” shows more than 130 works spanning four decades by the contemporay Portuguese artist and 24 tribal African art items of his personal collection. Monday to Saturday 10am-5pm. Free Entrance.

Another major centre of art and exhibtion around Rome is Frascati with its Scuderie Aldobrandini. Two are the exhibtions running in this 17th century building until February 27. “Faticosamente Salire” by the comtemporay painter Fabio Massimo Caruso and the contemporary sculptor Nino with giant wood sculptures from the 1980s and paintings of the last decade.

The other exposition, “Il fascino dell’Oriente” is about Italy’s Eastern Asian art collections created by rich families, diplomats, missionaries and travelers.

Both are open Tuesday to Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am-7pm.

The Colonna Castle of Genazzano will host until March 6 the exhibition “Ente Comunale di Consumo” that goes back to the aftermath of WWII when each city had its Rationing Agency due to food shortage. 22 artists, starting from old butter wrapping sheets, will tell stories of poverty and life through their works. By appointment from Friday to Sunday (phone number: +393383039299).

Finally in what is probably our favorite children museum in the Rome area, Museo del Giocattolo in Zagarolo, French Dolls from 1860 to 1910 will be on show until February 27. The exhibition will display 25 dolls in biscuit porcelain. Monday to Friday 9am-2pm. Saturday 10am-6pm.

The exhibitions and the museums in Frascati, Genazzano and Zagarolo will be free this Saturday and Sunday for the MuseumGrandTour Feast. More details on this event here