Stay for Free in a B&B On March 5: Italy’s Bed And Breakfast Day!

Stay for Free in a B&B On March 5: Italy’s Bed And Breakfast Day!

A free night stay in a bed & breakfast in the middle of Carnival! It’s not a joke, the Bed & Breakfast Day that this year occurs in the middle of Carnival, the first week-end of March. Right between Thursday the 3rd and Mardi Gras, the very peak of Carnival.

The initiative, at its fifth edition, is organized by one of Italy’s major tourism portal and the country’s biggest website for non-hotel accommodations.

How does it work? If you stay in a bed & breakfast on Friday the 4th and Saturday the 5th, the second night is free. Pretty easy! On the occasion, also decided to lay out

the Decalogue of the Italian B&Bs, a set of ten golden rules that all the owners supporting the March 5 event will comply to, thus granting their clients a higher and distinguished quality level of service.

40 villages, towns and cities of Lazio along the sea cost, in the countryside, on the shores of the Region’s lakes or on top of Lazio’s hills have B&Bs joining the initiative. In Rome only, we counted 65 of these accommodations associated to the event.

These micro-enterprises, have a widespread diffusion on the Italian territory and also help to keep alive old towns or otherwise abandoned villages. They are usually run by families that choose to equip and open their home to travellers, investing on the property and functionality of their houses.

So, what are you waiting for to organize your half-free Carnival holidays in the Rome area?