Peruvian Culture Week Kicks Off Today in Rome for Italy’s 150th Birthday!

In the year devoted to Italy’s 150th anniversary, the country of Peru wants to celebrate its strong bonds with Italy with a week of cultural events in Rome.

Many of us, myself included, ignore that Italy’s independence movement leader Giuseppe Garibaldi was also a Peruvian citizen, that he spent some months in this country where he is still considered a very popular hero for his boldness and military skills.

Italy’s Risorgimento, therefore, is also linked to the Peruvian history through Garibaldi.

The week starts today with the opening conference about Peru’s beauties and a video on the places of the ancient cultures and traditions. At 4 pm, piazza della Repubblica 10.

Tomorrow at 5pm a very interesting exhibition of ancient and traditional clothes will be inaugurated in the S. Andrea al Quirinale compound. The ancient clothes from Rimini’s Museo degli Sguardi and the modern but typical clothes from Taquile Island on show are listed as World Heritages by the UNESCO. At around 6 a music and dance show with Peruvian Carnival costumes will please the visitors, followed by a Peruvian aperitif. The S. Andrea al quirnale compound is in Via Piacenza 1. The exhibition will run until March 14. 8:30am-6:30pm Monday to Saturday. Free Admission.

On Thursday the 10th, at 5pm a fashion show will take place in the same venue. The clothes are presented by the fashion designer Ruth Dueñas and will be auctioned along with some textile materials from Taquile Island. The revenues will be offered to FISSAL, a ngo that takes care of Peruvian kids with special diseases.

On Sunday, at 11pm, you’ll be able to discover Peru’s wonders in Rome’s Ethnographic Museum Pigorini with a free guided tour. Reservation required. At 12:30pm the traditional Peruvian Bull and Marinera dances will be performed in the gardens in front of the Museum.

On Monday the 14th the final conference will be followed by a Peruvian aperitif at around 12:45 in Piazza della Repubblica 10.

If you are interested in Peruvian food, please read the very interesting story about a Peruvian restaurant in downtown Rome written by our contributor Kendra a few months ago.