Comics, Games and Music for Kids at RomaComics Until Mar20

It is not the usual comics fair, RomaComics is the oldest cartoons event organized in Italy. It started in 1989 and it is now at its 27th edition with a new goal: being the overall entertainment experience for adults and kids alike.

Until March 20 at Palalottomatica, in the southern EUR borough of Rome, from 10am to 8pm, this event will combine all sorts of games and music for kids with comics, animation and cartoons.

Let’s give a look to the program and its most interesting sessions.

On Sunday at 2pm the Cosplay Contest will kick off. Before the awarding ceremony, the cover band cartoon will hold a concert. If you are into Cosplay stuff, then you can’t miss Saturday’s happening. From 3pm to 6pm the new Cosplay Contest format Cosplay Got Talent (drawn from the US TV program America’s got talent) will take place.

Friday also features many music events starting at 4:30pm with the Magic Musical “House of Dreams”. From 5:30pm to 7pm two live concerts will please your ears: the Prototype Lab and Valentine G. Levy.

Dance for kids classes will be held by the Para Para Dance in the mornings of Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday morning will also feature a Laser blade fighting course (starting at 11:30am) by the Jedi Academy to enter the magic world of Star Wars.

All kind of games will be played at RomaComics: from card games to board games, from live action role playing to video games – with previews of the newest games. And many playing associations such as Reindeer Corporation, Ludico Imperio and Tanta dei Goblin will be there to introduce themselves, propose their projects and open their game rooms.

Illustrators and comics experts will meet kids satisfying all their curiosities about the animation and comics scene, making live live comic strips and explaining their drawing secrets. Original language Japanese Manga and US Super Heroes cartoons will be on sale (including the first issue of X-Man dating to 1963!). Comics collectors, what are you waiting for?