How Much is this ArtWork? Find It Out in the Free Expositions of Rome’s Auction Houses!

Have you ever wondered about the value of a certain painting, sculpture or silverware? Auction houses always show the stuff they sell for a few days before the actual auction, and anyone can go and see, even if they are not planning any purchase.

At first it might seem a useless activity, but I can guarantee that once you are in a space displaying artworks with price tags, it will be a lot of fun. For instance why an artist’s painting has a starting price bid of 500 while another work from the same painter is 10 times more expensive? Or what is the most expensive item that will be auctioned soon, and the cheapest? What century has got the most sought for art? Well, if you are an art lover I think you should go at least once to these sort of temporary exhibits with lots of good stuff on show for free!

And in Rome there are many occasions, of course.

Until tomorrow (from 10am to 8pm) you can see Casa d’Aste Babuino‘s modern and contemporay art and 20th century decorative art items that will go on sale between March 22-24 in Via dei Greci 2/a. Balla, Schifano, Morandi and other 600 lots are on offer.

The well-known Austrian auction house Dorotheum will show masterworks by worldwide famous painters such as Van Dyck, Guercino, Lanfranco and the Carracci brothers on March 23-25 in piazza dei SS Apostoli 66, right next to Piazza Venezia, from 10 am to 6pm.

And not only there is art but also other valuable objects that you can see for free. From Monday to Thursday (10am-6pm for March 21-23, 10am-1pm on March 24), for instance, the international auction house Bloomsbury has organized a showing of prints, books and autographs that will go on sale on Thursday afternoon in via della Pilotta 19. Autographed Photos of Maria Callas, 16th century books, 17th century maps and 19th century heraldic collections will be auctioned.

Colasanti has planned three days of auctions in mid-April. From April 8 to the 14th, 10am-8pm, you will be able to see paintings (by Salvatore Fiume, for instance), watches & jewels, silverware, ancient carpets and 19th century furniture. Via Aurelia 1249.