NFL in Lock-Out? There’s Italy’s American Football! Come See Rome’s Teams Play

NFL in Lock-Out? There’s Italy’s American Football! Come See Rome’s Teams Play

2011 hasn’t started well for (american) football lovers. I mean the next NFL season is seriously in doubt…The lock-out decided by team owners casts a very thick and dark shadow on the 2011 National Football League games. If there will actually be a regular season, it will most likely start late and be shorter than usual. And this seems to be the best-looking scenario as of now….

In the meanwhile you could enjoy some Italian-made (american) football here in Rome. The Italian Football Leagues, the country’s best football tournament (10 teams), has just started and the Lazio Marines, Rome’s team for the IFL games, will have their home opening game tonight at 8 in Via Mar dei Coralli, in Ostia, at the Stella Polare stadium (calendar and roster here). They will play vs the Reggio Emilia Hogs. The atmosphere is very relaxed and informal with a lot of relatives and friends of the players attending the matches. There is also a live comment and a DJ to cheer things up. So come join a nice sport event! not the unbearably ordinary, violent, soccer….

If Ostia is really too out of the way for you, then you could try watch other football games. Rome has got other 2 teams. Unlike Lazio Marines, though, the Grizzlies and the Barbari Roma Nord can’t have any foreign player in their rosters. Needless to say most of the stars of Lazio Marines and the other IFL teams are from the US.

Grizzlies will play tomorrow at 3pm in Via dei Campi Sportivi 7 vs the Briganti Napoli at the Paolo Rosi stadium, in the Acqua Cetosa compound, in Northern Rome. They are of Lenaf, the second division of Italy’s American football (featuring 21 teams), along with the Barbari, who won last year’s championship. The Barbari Roma Nord team also plays in the Northern part of the city, in Tor di Quinto, at the Alfredo Monza sport Center. Thir next home game is on April 10 at 3pm vs the Sharks Palermo.

It has got nothing to do with football but sport mirabilia lovers will probably like to know it.

All the Panini albums (from the first one in 1961) for the first time ever will be altogether on show. In Rome at the Exed gallery, in Piazza della Repubblica 64. 10am-8pm. Until April 7. Free entrance.

Panini is a worldwide synonym for soccer collectibles, stickers collected in albums, in particular. 2011 marks the 50th anniversary of the company’s first soccer stickers and albums.