Eggs, Cakes, Lamb, Doves and Much More! A Review of Easter Traditions in Rome

Eggs, Cakes, Lamb, Doves and Much More! A Review of Easter Traditions in Rome

Easter is a very important religious holiday in Italy and especially in Rome for the Good Friday ceremonies and the Pope’s speech on Easter Sunday. But, unlike Christmas, when you are supposed to be with family and relatives, you’re free to leave and go wherever you want for Easter – Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi.

If there is one day in the year when Romans have a full breakfast that is Easter Sunday. After the Lent fastening, people really want to celebrate with a lot of good food! In many families you can still have boiled eggs, salami, something between a cheese bread and a cheese cake, and then you open your chocolate eggs with their little presents inside.

At lunch, lamb (symbol of innocence) and artichokes are mandatory, followed by chocolate eggs again and a sweet Easter dove-shaped (dove is a symbol of peace) cake – colomba – which is by and large a sort of panettone with a sugar and almonds coating.

The day after Easter, if you haven’t already left Rome, you’re supposed to spend it somewhere in the countryside to enjoy some sun and a picnic. Pasquetta always brings a day-trip and lots of traffic, that’s why many Romans choose their city parks!

And where can you buy some of this mouth-watering stuff? For bakery products we recommend Panella, in Via Merulana 54, our favorite in Rome, even if it is very expensive. But most bakeries will also have some Easter products.

For chocolate eggs, reasonably priced and originally decorated items are on sale at Collefiorito in Via del Gambero 6. More expensive and more traditional is Moriondo e Gariglio that lets you bring your own little present to put within the egg. If you’re up for international chocolate, you should then head for Leonidas‘ shops. For cheaper solutions, all supermarkets and coffee bars sell chocolate eggs during Easter time.


2012 updated version of this article here!