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International PhotoJournalism Top Pictures On Show in Rome for World Press Photo ’11

International PhotoJournalism Top Pictures On Show in Rome for World Press Photo ’11

Do you like photography? Do you like to be told how the world goes through pictures rather than many words? World Press Photo, one of the most authoritative photojournalism contests, tries to tell a year of news through the best pictures of 56 photographers from 23 different countries.

This year’s winner is Jodi Bieber from South Africa with her portrait of Bibi Aisha, an Afghan girl disfigured as retribution for fleeing her husband’s house.

The pictures on display at Museo di Roma in Trastevere from April 29 to May 22 are divided into 9 different categories (sport, war, nature, daily life etc…) and for each of them the top images are on show.

The 54th edition’s jury had to select the winners among 110,000 photos submitted by nearly 6,000 photographers from 125 countries. The best shots go on tour in about 100 cities in 45 countries.

If you want to have an eyewitness record of the world events of last year and want to support professional press photography on a wide international scale, hit this exhibition.


But once you’re there don’t forget to visit the museum itself. Start from the Trilussa Room, for a full immersion into the life of Rome’s top poet. Continue with the typical Roman 19th century depicted scenes rooms, telling the story of the Eternal city and its countryside. And then admire Franzs’ beautiful watercolours, representing a lost Rome, before the works and changes of its new Italian capital role transformed its face for good.




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