Top World’s Videos, Visual Arts and VJs at Rome’s Live Performers Meeting On May 19-22

Top World’s Videos, Visual Arts and VJs at Rome’s Live Performers Meeting On May 19-22

Dedicated to artists, professionals and veejaying, visual and live video performance buffs, the 9th edition of Live Performers Meeting is a unique occasion of comparison, exchange of information and experimentation on live video practices, a key factor in the current cultural process, that will take place in Rome’s Cinema Aquila this week, on May 19 through May 22.

The event features a programme of live video performances with the most varied forms of artistic expression and workshops to showcase projects, softwares and brand-new products.

From 6pm to 4am the public will attend the performances of artists and groups from the international scene that critically explore the audiovisual language, have an experimental narrative approach, in continual tension between cognitive experience and performance act.

While the afternoon will bring together a community of vjs, audiovisual artists, new media practitioners and thinkers worldwide in workshops, lectures, conferences, panel discussions and product showcase.

The meeting will also feature a queer culture programme, with the presentation of projects and ideas that deconstruct stereotypes and power relationships through a new language of representation of gender, politics and sexual orientation.

Another major issue will be the free access to data, information and knowledge: workshops, conferences and live performances will investigate on innovative and creative paths to promote freedoms-through-data.

Live Performers Meeting will also highlight the role of the urban digital technologies. Projectors, lasers, LEDs are the new tools of those who modify urban spaces (graffitis being the old tools).

Nearly 500 artists from 32 countries performing in 237 shows/discussions are expected to attend this year’s edition.