Rietveld, Italy’s Uniqueness, Brands & Farnesina: An Overview of Rome’s Design Exhibits

Rietveld, Italy’s Uniqueness, Brands & Farnesina: An Overview of Rome’s Design Exhibits

Design lovers, come to Rome! This is a great time to visit the city since there are (at least) four design exhibitions in the Eternal City.


The most important one is about the Dutch architect and designer Gerrit Rietveld hosted by MAXXI, Rome’s 21st century art Museum, until July 10. The exposition offers an overview of his works under a wide perspective and shows how he strove for simple, functional solutions in his designs so that the results would be accessible to all. His creations are a rich repertoire for contemporary designers, especially in terms of chairs. He invented the Red-Blue chair, the Berlin, the Birza, the very famous Zig-Zag, the Crate one, the Aluminium, the Mondial and the Steltman, just to name a few! But he also produced innovative furniture, building the ideal De Stijl (the neo-plastic art school of the start of the 20th century) piece of furniture and the first furniture and objects for children, such as the Convertible Child’s chair.


Italian corporate brand design will be on display until May 28 at Macro Testaccio. Branding history, 14 big Italian companies and Italy’s bid for 2020 Olympic Games, starts from 1960, when Rome hosted the Olympic Games. Antonio Romano, one of Italy’s top designers, chose the best and most creative Italian companies at the time, such as Enel, Eni, Pirelli, Bulgari, Fiorucci, Birra Peroni, Ferragamo etc…The exhibit will outline their evolution by decades and their main achievements.


Right next to Macro Testaccio, at Pelanda, 55 years of the best Italian design will be on show from May 31. All the Italian products that were awarded the country’s (and one of the world’s) most important design prize, the Compasso d’Oro, will be on display from 4pm to midnight until September 25. The other location of the exhibition is the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, from 10am to 10:30pm. Both are closed on Mondays. “Italy’s uniqueness, Made in Italy and national identity”, is part of Italy’s 150th anniversary celebrations and will show how design and creativity are part of the Italian culture and nature.


Last but not least, for the first time in decades the Foreign Affairs Ministry’s Design Collection will leave the headquartes of Italian diplomacy to be on show at Ara Pacis. The Farnesina Design Collection was created in 2008 and a selection of 23 objects, installations and projects representing Made in Italy’s best products, such as those by Ducati, Pininfarina, Fratelli Guzzini etc… will be on display until July 3.