It’s Islamic Culture Week in Rome: Art, Music, Photos, Movies and Much More!

Rome’s Mayor Gianni Alemanno has been talking about this event for about two years and eventually here it is. No info were given until today, and that’s the reason why we are only writing about it today. From today until May 31 Rome will therefore host her first week of the Islamic Culture, dedicated to four countries: Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco and Mauritania.


At 6pm today Alemanno inaugurated the Myatelier Cube, a contemporary art installation, by the Jordanian artists Wijdan and Khreis in Campidoglio while at 7pm a traditional Funduq tent (from Morocco) will be presented to the public, followed by the performance of the Moroccan music band Gnaoua.


Tomorrow at 5pm the Cinema and Islam movie season will kick off at Palazzo delle Esposizioni. The event, organized by MedFilm, will run until the 26th.

At 6pm in the Vittoriano complex of piazza Venezia a photo exhibit on Africa and Italy and the common Mediterranean Sea, will get underway.


On May 25 at 6pm Ensemble nava will play Persian Music in Trastevere, at the Rome Museum.


Moroccan Music will please the public again on May 28 at 9pm in the Capitolini Museums, with the “Tetouan’s Women”.


On Sunday “La Edri” will perform spiritual and traditional Turkish music in the Campidoglio square from 4pm.


The Islamic Culture Week will also make possible three extraordinary openings of Rome’s Great mosque on the mornings of May 25, 26 and 28.