Rome’s Greatest Theme Park Rainbow MagicLand Inaugurated Today in Valmontone

Rome’s Greatest Theme Park Rainbow MagicLand Inaugurated Today in Valmontone

Rainbowmagicland2Rome’s greatest amusement park has just opened! It is in Valmontone, 30kms south of Rome, very close to the Naples-Rome highway and its name is Rainbow MagicLand. The Park’s theme is indeed magic.


Rainbow MagicLand features 35 different attractions, partly powered by solar energy, including a world premiere and 3 unique attractions for Italy. The Park is divided in 24 theme areas, six of which are inspired by Rainbow’s characters: Winx, Huntik, Monster Allergy and so on.   


Shock – Steam Machine is a launched roller coaster that in just 3 seconds will accelerate to 100 kms per hour. La torre Oscura is a 70-meter high free fall tower, while Cagliostro is an indoor spinning coaster, just to name a few. 


Furthermore, interactive and suspended dark rides, a mine train coaster, a spillwater, a raft ride, fairy castles, brave Vikings, powerful sorcerers, Egyptian temples and skilled adventurers will entertain kids and their families in this huge, 600,000 square meters facility with 3 theaters and 28 bars and restaurants.


A new train station in front of the Park entrance should be built soon. So far you can reach it by train from Rome (Rome-Cassino-Napoli line), and after you get off at Valmontone station (32/44 minute train ride) you have to jump on the Park’s shuttle.


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