Rome Celebrates the Republic’s Anniversary with a Military Parade on Jun2 & Much More!

Rome Celebrates the Republic’s Anniversary with a Military Parade on Jun2 & Much More!

On June 2 1946 Italians voted and chose to become a Republic. Every year we celebrate this anniversary with a beautiful military parade in Rome, in Via dei Fori Imperiali, the road connecting piazza Venezia with the Colosseum.

It is definitely not an event for war fanatics, but for all. Our police forces also rally and anyway all the Italian Army, Air Force and Navy units abroad operate in peace-keeping, peace-enforcing missions or anyway under a UN mandate.

It is beautiful because you see men and women, all sorts of special units and horses, vehicles, electronic equipment, uniforms, tanks, aerobatics squads and weapons of course. There are also many military corps from allied countries parading every year. It is a unique event. But in order to be able to see something you have to go early in the morning – unless you want to watch it on TV as we always do 😉


The ceremony, which this year will be attended by many heads of government/state because it is Italy’s 150th unification anniversary, starts at 11am and lasts for an hour and half more or less.


But an interesting event before the military parade will take place on June 1 at 3:30pm in piazza del Quirinale, Italy’s Presidential Palace. There will be a solemn Change of the Guard that everyone can see simply passing by this beautful square (and once you are there, if you have a spare hour, go to the Lorenzo Lotto exhibit at the nearby Scuderie del Quirinale, it’s really worth!).


Part of the celebration is also the extraordinary opening of the Coach Museum in the Quirinale Palace on June 4 from 9am to 12:30pm (entrance from Via della Dataria 96) where many historical coaches are on display. On June 5, instead, visitors will be able to wander around the beautiful gardens of the Quirinale from 10am to 6pm, entertained by the bands of all the Italian Armed and Security Forces.


June 2 will be a special day as you understand from the fact that thousand of policemen, soldiers and vehicles will parade in the city centre, therefore some landmarks in the area will open later than usual. The Colosseum and the Roman Forum will only be open from 1:30pm onwards, while visitors will be able to enter the Trajan’s Markets after 2pm.


Many buses crossing the area will be diverted until 2pm: 3BUS, C3, h – 40 – 44 – 46 – 60 -62 – 63 – 64 – 70 – 75 – 81 – 84 – 86 – 87 – 95 – 118 – 119 – 130 – 160 – 170 – 175 – 190 – 492 – 590- 528 – 671 – 673 – 714 – 715 – 716 – 780 – 916 – 110Open – Archeobus.

These will not run all day: 60-70-84-85-87-175-110 open.