Strawberries, Cherries, Bread and Flowers! This Week-end’s Top Food Festivals Around Rome

Spring is a great season for good vegetables and fruit! And you must take advantage of the fresh products available in this period, going to some countryside food festivals. Rome has many this week-end and we picked four for you.


The first one is in the cozy city of Nemi, overlooking a beautiful little lake, which every year organizes Lazio’s best strawberry event. The 78th edition of the “Sagra delle Fragole” will take place on June 5. Not only you will taste this excellent fruit but you can also try ice-cream with the little strawberries and strawberry-based wines and liquors, like Fragolino, one of oru favorite sweet wines. The festival’s peak will be when a huge, man-size cup of strawberries will be filled and flooded with Fragolino. Other side events will be the flower exhibit, the parada of strawberry farmers accompanied by local bands’ music, and the fireworks with the backdrop of the lake at 9pm.


Another typical fruit of this time of the year is the cherry. And a cherry Festival takes place this week-end in Sant’Angelo, near Viterbo. The 31st edition of the “Sagra delle ciliegie” will also feature a prize for the best cherry, traditional dances and fireworks on Sunday.


But there isn’t only fruit for foodies in Rome this week-end. Another must is the bruschetta fair of Lariano, a little town south of Rome, very famous for its fantastic, tasty bread. Food stalls, music and dances are also part of the event. You can also have a full meal with bruschetta (grilled bread) and local products for a very modest price.


If you are up for something original, then you should go to Castelnuovo di Farfa to tast some flowers! Yes, this Saturday and Sunday they’ve set up the second edition of Fiorile. Flowers will decorate houses, people’s clothes and tables but they will also be part of the menu, as well as herbs. A visit to the historical Palace Palustri Galli and its laurel garden will complete your visit there.