Festa de’ Noantri, Rome’s Most Peculiar Fair, to Kick Off Tomorrow in Trastevere!

Festa de’ Noantri, Rome’s Most Peculiar Fair, to Kick Off Tomorrow in Trastevere!

Festa-de-noantri-5Our own fair, this is the translation from Roman dialect of “Festa de’ Noantri”. Trastevere residents already in 1535, the first celebration, wanted to stress their special nature and condition among Roman citizens. The word Trastevere, indeed, means ‘beyond the Tevere’ as if the other shore of Rome’s river was not really part of the Eternal Capital. Nearly all of Rome as a matter of fact had developed on the left bank of Tevere by that time, the only exceptions being the Vatican compound and Trastevere.

This distinction between the two sides of the city no longer holds but in Trastevere, one of the hearts of Roman traditions, along with the neighbourhoods of Testaccio and Monti, they are still keen on celebrating their own fair!


So let’s see the key happenings of this 9-day event spanning July 16 to the 24th.

The kick-off is Saturday at 6pm with the traditional procession of the statue of the Virgin from Largo S.Giovanni de Matha to the Basilica of Saint Crisogono.

This Sunday will feature a vintage cars rally at 10:30am (Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere), and two ancient Romans parades at 6pm (Piazza San Cosimato) and 9pm (piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere). The night will be enlivened by Roman songs and poems from 9:30pm in the same square.

Opera will be on stage with Giuseppe Verdi’s melodies on July 21 at 9:15 to celebrate Italy’s 150th unification anniversary.

Friday’s funniest activity will be the table football tournament from 6pm (Piazza San Cosimato).

Next Saturday, July 23, there is a doubel appointment: at 8pm a boxing combat show in Piazza San Cosimato while at 9 in Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere Roman songs and tales will cheer up the public.

The last day of the celebrations, July 24, will start with the re-enactment of the procession of the Virgin of the River at from S.Angelo bridge, the one in front of Castle S.Angelo, at 7pm. At 8pm walking dinner along via Roma Libera followed by concerts and shows until the fireworks at 11:30pm from the Aventine’s Orange Garden will mark the end of the Festa de’ Noantri.

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