Rome is Flooded with Photo Exhibits This Summer! Here Are Some of Our Favorites

During the Summer we are usually more open to easy, immediate and light happenings. That’s maybe why there are just a few major art shows running these weeks in Rome but there are plenty of photography exhibits.

And most of them are free and help us travel with our imagination to new worlds, a holiday in our holiday!

Let’s see some of them (covering all of them is impossible!).

An exposition very much in line with the summer season is in Trastevere, in Palazzo Corsini, the beautiful palace hosting the Accademia dei Lincei and Rome’s smaller National Ancient Art Gallery (the bigger one is in Via delle Quattro Fontane, near Barberini square and metro stop). “OltreMare” is a collection of particularly touching images of some of the world’s seas by an Italian reporter, and it represents her first exhibit. Until July 30, 11am-7pm. Free entrance.

Not far from Palazzo Corsini, in the Museo di Roma in Trastevere, there are two photo exhibits. One is about Che Guevara, one of the icons of the 20th century, and provides a unique opportunity to know his artistic skills. 232 pictures taken throughout his life, some of which portray him with his cameras. Until September 11. The other is more of a miscellany exposition about Cuban-Italian relationships and digs into the mutual exchanges in the fields of architecture, music and cinema. Until October 2.

Always in Trastevere, the Casa della Memoria e della Storia hosts the photo Diary of an Italian volunteer doctor in Africa. Moving shots describing his human exprience while working for one of Italy’s largest ngos in Africa. Free admission. Runs through September 7.

If you’re keener on Italian issues, MAXXIhas a very original photo happening going on: it is an exhibit about Italians on holiday. 11 Italian and international photographers shot Italians in their country’s packed beaches, city centres, mountains, countryside and themed parks. From Sicily to the Alps. From July 29 to September 25.

The images shot by one of Rome’s most famous contemporary artist, Franco Angeli, are on display at Mercati di Traiano, the architecture museum of ancient Rome. The photos of this acclaimed pop painter show a more intimate side of his artistic personality and offer a very peculiar view of Rome’s arts scene in the late1960-mid70s. Until September 4.

The Polish Culture Institute offers a very interesting perspective of photography under dicatorships with its exhibit on artistic Polish photography after 1945. This free display open until August 30 displays images by 50 different Polish photographers.

If you are into archeology photography, then you can’t miss the Macchu Picchu exhibit at Villa Torlonia, one of our favorite parks for its buildings and museums. Until August 28.

Last but not least, the Odradek bookshop has set up a little exposition of photos of the ginger stores of Cochin, India. “Ginger house” runs until August 31.