Old & New Architecture on Display in Rome: from Chinese Contemporary to Ancient Roman

Old & New Architecture on Display in Rome: from Chinese Contemporary to Ancient Roman

Not only painting, Rome’s summer exhibits have much more to offer! Here are four interesting architecture showings that you shoudn’t miss if you are into this subject.


The one that we liked the most was in MAXXI. Rome’s top and newest contemporary art museum has a whole section devoted to architecture which has a new exhibit every 3-4 months. The display running now is all about Chinese Contemporary Architecture and it really showed us a hidden side of China: their love for new materials, styles, shapes and their concern for the environment. Another interesting aspect is the interaction between Western architecture masters and Chinese young talents.

The other contemporary architecture exhibit open in August – until the 14th – is in Macro Testaccio, the only Roman museum closed in the morning and open at night, (all year long) The Norwegian architecture firm Snohetta, a major icon of the country’s contemporary architecture, chose this location in Italy for its world tour. This free exhibit presents the drawings, models and photos of Snohetta’s most important works all over the world. The main feature of this architecture firm is how they integrate their works, shapes and materials with the landscape and the environment.


Going back to the past, a city like Rome can’t ignore the architectural and building wonders of the Roman Empire. One of the most lasting symbols of the Roman civilization were the aqueducts. These works represent not only the engineering skills of ancient Romans and one of the most beloved element of the Roman landscape, but also their ability to build cities and to provide services to citizens in a very efficient and modern way, unrivalled for centuries. 30 artists, architects, poets, painters and designers show their relationship with aquedcuts throught their artworks in the Cinecittà 2 Mall. Free admission, always open from 11am to 7:30pm.


Another, smaller, exhibit of the Romans’ ability to build and design is at the Trajan’s Markets, which is Rome’s ancient architecture museum. “Quicklime” digs into the secrets of the materials used by ancient Romans for their millennia-lasting palaces and buildings. And the Trajan’s markets represent one the most sophisticated works of Ancient Rome from a technical and architectural point of view.