What’s up in Rome on Ferragosto (Aug.15)? Find it out here!

What’s up in Rome on Ferragosto (Aug.15)? Find it out here!


Ferragosto is one of Italy’s most sacred holidays and travelers may wonder whether everything shuts down in Rome on Monday, August 15. Well, the answer is No!


All museums and monuments in Italy’s capital will be open as usual, actually more than usual since Monday would be their closing day (some of them will catch that up on August 16).

The Vatican Museums are the only major exception since they do not depend from the Italian state or Rome’s city government and therefore close for all Catholic holidays.

August 15 will also be the last day of Michelangelo Pistoletto’s exhibit at MAXXI.


With regards to restaurants, more than a hundred will be open on Ferragosto. But hurry up and book one since reservations rose by 10% compared with last year: fewer Romans are on holiday and some of them try to compensate for that with a good eat on August 15!

Our pick for the day would be Casetta di Campagna where we actually celebrated Ferragosto last year, it has good food, excellent service and several dish options in a nice setting. Hard to reach by public transport, though.

Another, much more expensive and sophisticated alternative is Antico Arco. Otherwise the more centrally located Gusto is also a good destination.


Shops will only be open in downtown, near St. Peter’s, St. Paul’s and St. John’s. The only working mall is Parco Leonardo that you can easily reach by train from Ostiense and Trastevere.

Shops will be open in Ostia until 1am and an Italian music concert will also take place on Rome’s main beach place.


There will be shows in the centre, too. In Piazza Navona there will be a light and water event.

Casa del Jazz will host a tango concert while at Teatro di Marcello there will be a classical music piano performance by Hiroshi Takasu.

Swing-shuffle and Latin music lovers should head for Villa Celimontana where the Big Night Jive orchestra will play.

August 15 is also the last day of the Roma Vintage market and music event.


Enjoy Ferragosto!