Rome’s Most Original Exhibit of the Year? Cinecittà Movie Studios Showing!

There hasn’t been an exhibition like this in years here in Rome. It’s not art, nor archeology: there are no paintings nor sculptures. It’s “Cinecittà si mostra”. Italy’s most famous cinema studios show off for 7 months and reveal the secrets of so many of the films we love.


One of the most creative places of modern Rome lets you in to discover the setting, the tecniques and the making of Italian and International cinema. Such an important part of Rome’s history, closed to the public for years, is finally open.


Even the place is unique and very far from monuments and exhibits: Cinecittà is at the very end of Rome’s southern suburbs (but luckily it can be easily reached by underground).


From Federico Fellini to Martin Scorsese, from Audrey Hepburn to Liz Taylor, from Richard Burton to Marcello Mastroianni, from Cleopatra to the TV series Rome, Cinecittà hosted so many legendary directors, actors and productions. And there are many more to add: Anita Ekberg in La Dolce Vita, Charlotte Rampling in The Night Porter, Jessica Lange in Titus and so on. In the 1950s and ’60s this Dream Factory became Hollywood on the Tiber.


But this exposition is not only meant to tell you about famous names and movies, it actually also wants to shed light on the hidden sides of film-making: scripts, costumes, settings, objects, photos, make up, sounds, image-editing, post-production etc…..From black and white cinema to 3D.


You will be able to walk in the Broadway designed for Gangs of New York, in medieval Florence or in the Sistine Chapel where famous Italian movies were shot, or in the huge Roman Forum set up for the TV production Rome. That’s why this is the place where “dreams come true”


And this is just a start, Cinecittà is 74 but after this exhibit (that runs until November 30) it will soon start to work to create Rome’s Cinema Museum.