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B&B Barter! How to Have an Accommodation in Rome Without Paying!

B&B Barter! How to Have an Accommodation in Rome Without Paying!

Not only in the low seasons. Some Roman B&Bs are willing to host visitors in exchange of goods or services all year long. Last year we wrote about the National Barter Day event taking place every November and we are now delighted to tell you that barter is always possible in certain Bed and Breakfast establishments of the Eternal City.


It is no secret that B&B in general is the accommodation with the highest rate of increase in large cities and Rome is no exception with her 2011 double digit rise for this cheap and friendly solution.


But now that the financial and economic crisis is hitting again very strongly Western and Southern Europe B&B owners are more open to exchange and understand that cash is sometimes difficult to raise for clients.


Therefore, if you have particular skills or grow/make special products, you have a chance to have an accommodation in Rome.

Here is a list of Roman B&Bs and services/special requests  they accepted in exchange of hospitality. Perhaps, you are the one who can provide it and take advantage of it!


Alle Porte del Vaticano, located in a nice road, pretty central and with good public transportation offered a week of stay for two people in exchange of wall painting and is now ready to host electricians or antenna specialists who can fix their TV satellite problems and/or English mother tongue speakers who can translate the pages of their website in English.


Foreign language conversation, especially in English, is what you should offer to Villa Rome owners (and to their kids). In exchange, not only you will get free accommodation but also cooking lessons!


Relais La Canfora accepts anything from linen underclothes to top quality grapes for a stay in their place and also, a home exchange, depending on your place of origin.


Home exchange vacations are also an interesting option for Aurelia Garden (quite central location with good public transportation) and for Villino Rinaldi (situated in a very nice area of Rome) openly accepts products such as oil and wine in exchange for a stay.


Professional photographs were enough for Adele Emme, a B&B located in one of our favorite boroughs of Rome.


More peculiar requests will come from A Casa di Lia, in a central area with a variety of things to do: for instance, they offer accommodations for a trained falcon or a boat rudder!

There are another 21 B&Bs here in Rome considering serious barter offers all year long. You can find them here and recognize them from the yellow background text “La struttura valuta offerte di baratto tutto l’anno.”


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  • B&B’s which are in search of advice or training on marketing or finance related issues can put a request on the LinkedIn Group Tourism Barters. Almost 50 professionals want to exchange their expertise for hospitality.

    No member of LinkedIn? You can contact me directly and I’ll put your request online or answer it myself. I’m always in the mood for a trip to Rome….

  • Free House wanted in Rome.
    A referenced teacher of Russian/Italian for foreigners and children educator seeks temporary accommodation. In exchange for a flat with a small room and a salon well connected with a center by metro and train you would take free Russian or Italian lessons one-on-one or in a group adult’s o children/baby-sitting. Proceed with regular long term contract after a couple of months. Seriousness, politeness, curiosity, empathy, sympathy and originality are guaranteed.
    Be very grateful for your help!

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  • I am travelling to Rome and have 10 years of hospitality experience plus I teachin English certificate. Are there b&b”s that offer work in exchanging for accommodation?

    • I guess so. Click the link in the last paragraph of the story and you’ll find 69 b&bs who permanently accept barter rather than payment in exchange for accommodation.


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