Eataly To Open Soon In Rome. Will It Boost Regional Cuisines in the City’s Gastronomic Scene?

Eataly To Open Soon In Rome. Will It Boost Regional Cuisines in the City’s Gastronomic Scene?

Welcome Eataly, we loved you in your very first location, Torino, and we also liked your outlet in New York. We can’t wait for you to land in Rome!


And Eataly will actually land in the Eternal city since it will be located in the Ostiense Air Terminal, a huge hangar-like space 🙂


The date should be December 9. In the meanwhile we will dream of all the regional delicacies it will bring to Rome and maybe post something on the Facebook group created for the Rome opening.


We really wish that Eataly will improve the food scene of the Eternal City even if some people don’t like it and prefer their little food shops behind the corner.

Why do we think this new gastronomic space could change for good the way we eat here? It is very simple: Italy has an incredible variety of local food products that are usually neglected in Rome.

Regional restaurants are few and not particularly appreciated in Rome. The main choice always revolves around Roman cuisine or generally Italian dishes (old or new style). But there is a third way: regional cuisines. Most Italian regions have at least one restaurant in Rome (we will soon write about them) but it is really not enough to try all the excellent stuff coming from all over the country!


On Eataly’s shelves you will find the best products from every corner of Italy at reasonable prices, furthermore you will be able to choose among 14 restaurants each one with a focus on one kind of food product: be it meat or pizza or vegetables and so on.


Rome’s Eataly, bound to be the biggest group’s shop, will feature 4 floors on 14,000 square meters and will devote more than 30% of its space and one whole restaurant to Lazio local products. There will be a microbrewery, coffee roasting facilities and bread and mozzarella labs open to the public. All the materials used for the building will be recycled.


But there is another reason why we will love this shop/restaurant. It’s because it will bring to new life the Ostiense Air Terminal, a building made for the 1990 World Soccer Cup and abandoned since then. It will be so good to see this place created by the Spanish architect Julio Lafuente used for such a good purpose. I was a teenager when it was built and it looked to me such an inspiring and modern space….

The Ostiense area will also know other major changes soon such as Rem Koolhaas’ Youth Town, a hotel designed by Massimiliano Fuksas and lots of new City government offices, named Campidoglio 2.


We are already excited and how about you?