Rome Remembers September 11: Images and Music in Memory of the 2001 Attacks

It is a little thing compared with the tragic events that took place ten years ago in New York, but we wanted to let you know that even in Rome there will be public events and places where you can celebrate the anniversary of the Twin Towers attacks.


For the tenth anniversary of September 11 the city of Rome has organized two concerts, a film screening and two photo exhibits. All free events.


Visual arts are probably the most helpful in remembering events. Therefore let’s begin with the September 10 (from 8pm) inauguration of the photo exhibit “Cities of New York” at Centrale Montemartini, an old electric power plant now converted into a Roman art museum. US and Italian photographers such as Allan Tannenbaum, Michael Ackerman, Susan Crile and Gabriele Basilico will show us New York from the very moment of the aircrafts impact on the skycrapers onwards, describing the most peculiar moments of daily life in the big Apple with their images. The showing runs until October 9.

On September 9, a photo exhibit devoted to the Twin Towers and their history will be inaugurated in the Rome’s Province building, in Via IV Novembre 119.  “Twin Towers ten years later” wil run until October 8.

Celebrated at the last Sundance Film Festival, the movie Rebirth tells the story of one survivor and four persons who were relatives of the victims who restarted their life after being hit by the terrorist attacks. Directed by Jim Whitaker with soundtracks by Philip Glass, Rebirth will be screened at Rome’s Auditorium on September 11, at 9pm for what is Italy’s film premiere.


On September 10 at 7pm Centrale Montemartini will also host a concert by young American artists performing Schubert and Lera Auerbach‘s music.


While on September 12, at 8pm, again at the Auditorium, the Petruzzelli theatre’s Orchestra will play Philip Glass’ concert for Violin and Orchestra, followed by a second screening of the movie Rebirth.