Cep Mushrooms Are the Kings of September’s Food Fairs Around Rome!

The Cep, Boletus edulis, also known as king bolete or Penny Bun – Porcino in Italian – is Europe’s second most sought-after fungus (after truffles, of course!) as the whole mushroom can be consumed and it retains a very tasty flavour when dried.


And starting from this week-end there are many fairs devoted to this precious product of Lazio’s woods.


Rocca Priora, south of Rome, in the “Castelli” area, hosts the 19th edition of the Fungo Porcino Fair. Until this Sunday you will taste them in all sorts of recipes: grilled, with polenta, with pasta (long and flat fettuccine or round and rough orecchiette) and gnocchi or on top of pizza. Maybe you will be interested to know that until a few years ago many of the inhabitants of this town worked as ceps searchers, it was their main job!


Younger is the Oriolo Romano Fungo Porcino Fair, at its 8th edition. In this village north of Rome, between Viterbo and the Eternal City, the event will take place this week-end and next week from the 16th to the 18th. Besides the typical dishes, in Oriolo Romano you can also try a soup or a meat stew with ceps, fried ceps and ceps-filled bread.


This week-end and the next there will be another Ceps Fair in the Viterbo area: in Cura di Vetralla. And this is the 16th year for the Porcino food event. The mushrooms used for the fair come from a nearby mountain, Monte Fogliano, of volcanic origin, covered by walnut, beech and oak trees. There will also be alternative meals for those who don’t like mushrooms, based on sausages and grilled meat.


This Thursday, September 15, Lariano, near Rome and famous for its bread, will open the oldest Ceps Fair (21st edition) that will run until September 25. With 8€ you can have a ceps sandwich, a mushroom-based main dish and a glass of wine (or water).


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